Specific markets require specific products. A lot of scenarios are possible, but there are simply no devices out there for each of those scenarios so customization is necessary. And that is what we do. Tell us about what kind of device you want to build for what kind of solution and we will do the rest.

Take a look at a selection of the solutions we have created so far.



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Magnetic contact

Power Packs

These power packs deliver clean energy where ever you need it.
Ranging from 40Ah to 100Ah, these portable 12V electricity sources are powerful enough to keep your devices going for hours and hours.
Proven LiFePO4 technology ensures a long lifetime and a comfortable size/weight ratio for easy transport.

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Battery Management System

This powerfull battery management system will allow you to manage any 12V LifePO4 system up to 200Ah! The BMS will balance the cells and allow you to charge, with integrated safety measures to guarantee a faultless operation.

Tacho Meter

A tacho meter to verify the max speed of motorcycles. 
This unit is connected to a chassis on which the motorcycle 's drive wheel is placed. An encoder counts rotations and the unit calculates the current and max speed. A web interface is integrated to connect to the device and read out data over a wireless connexion.

RFID Watch

One of our less recent projects, but a very actual use case. An RFID watch for location detection of people.